Medallia Reporting Refresh

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July 2015 - February 2016

Medallia's reporting system hadn't had a significant redesign in 14 years and had accumulated many features and inconsistent designs throughout the years. As part of a strategic initiative to refresh our reporting system to keep an important consumer technology client on contract and better support all users in our system, I worked with 2 other designers and a user researcher from research to concepts to prototypes to worldwide launch.

Our pilot results prior to worldwide launch were a 90% first-use task success rate and a 39 point increase in end user NPS.

User Research

The team spent hours with all our clients across multiple industries (hospitality, automotive, B2B, telecommunications, financial services) and with different user bases within each industry (frontline employees, managers, CX leaders, and executives). From this, we found that:

  1. Medallia's customer feedback is invaluable and users are addicted to the data

  2. A majority of the product is unused or confuses users

So, for the first phase of this redesign initiative, we decided to focus on the frontline user base (the largest user base), identify the core tasks they need to accomplish and help them confidently do so in Medallia.


Design Principles

To guide our work, we created 3 design principles that we used to evaluate designs throughout the process.

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Concept Iterations

From our research, we knew that users needed to:

  1. Check performance and compare

  2. Coach employees on performance

  3. Read responses and follow up with customers

We did many sketches and wireframes as we iterated through ideas to best help users confidently complete the tasks they need to do. We then tested these with users at different companies and store locations to get customer feedback and iterate.

Concept Iterations.png

Visual Design Explorations

Alongside iterating through concepts, we started a separate stream to explore visual design ideas. We played with color, font, and page layouts and got feedback from important internal and external stakeholders.

Visual Design Iterations.png

Final Designs

After much iteration and feedback, we finalized a design that would allow the content to shine through and an interaction that would allow frontline staff to quickly and easily grasp the most important information and quotes. These are the final designs we launched worldwide with a well-known consumer electronics client. Post launch, I worked on expanding these designs across all the different industries and user bases Medallia serves.

Before / After of an example dashboard screen

Before / After of an example dashboard screen

Before / After of our responses screen

Before / After of our responses screen