Qventus: Mission Control Center 

Mission Control Center System View.png

January 2018 - October 2018
Qventus is a healthcare tech startup that helps hospitals run better. We built Mission Control Center to enable hospital executives and analysts to monitor and predict hospital bottlenecks, handle escalated issues, and resolve problems at the frontline. This product is specifically targeted at helping multiple hospitals in a healthcare system (like Palo Alto Medical Foundation or Kaiser) operate efficiently, deliver better healthcare, and save lives.

As design lead, I collaborated closely with customer success, product management, and engineering to build this brand new product for Qventus.

User Research

This was a very ambiguous project where we had to define the users, problems, screen and space design. So, we conducted broad ethnographic research at Fairview, our co-development partner and a large healthcare system in Minnesota. After interviewing and shadowing doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, we came to 3 insights:

  1. Much of their work is operational, not medical

  2. Hospitals don’t understand the current state of affairs and can’t plan appropriately

  3. Everyone operates independently in their silos

Analogous Inspiration

We also visited and talked to users and product managers of other mission control centers at Elementum, NASA and SpaceX to understand problems to solve and pitfalls to avoid.

Product Overview

After much discussion and iteration, we decided on the following broad problem areas to tackle:

MCC Product Overview.png

And the users to focus on:

MCC Users.png

Design Iterations

I iterated on the visual design and use cases and tested them with users across Fairview, Mercy, and subject matter experts at Qventus. I also led collaborative whiteboarding session with internal teams.

MCC Design Iterations.jpg
MCC Visual Iterations.png

Final Designs

With the following final designs, we did a public unveiling at Beckers, the biggest US healthcare conference, and will launch this product at Fairview in March 2019.

Example of the large screen designs on the wall

Example of the large screen designs on the wall

Public unveiling at Becker’s CEO Roundtable Conference

Public unveiling at Becker’s CEO Roundtable Conference

How an analyst would predict and transfer a patient between hospitals (This is an example of workstation design.)