February 2013

Snap Payroll focuses on the emotional connection we have with our users - small business owners. For this, we wanted to get more users to rate us in the Apple app store and decided to run an emotional design experiment over Valentine's Day to do just that.

After conceptualizing and designing the emails, I coded them in HTML. On Valentine's Day, we got 3 5-star ratings in the Apple app store.

Techniques: brainstorming, mockups, HTML emails


I led a brainstorm with the payroll department's design team to build on the emotional design experiments already in our products. 



I sketched out screens and thought back to giving out valentines as a kid and how to build an emotional connection with our customers.

I realized that there were 2 concepts to test - one focused on Snap Payroll's relationship with our users and one focused on our users' relationships with their employees. So, I created two designs.

Vday Sketches.png

Design A

This design is focused on Snap Payroll's emotional connection with our users.

Design B

This design is focused on small business owners' relationship with their employees.

Engagement Concept .gif

The Result

We had a 5.6% click through rate on the "Rate us" button on Design A and a 0.6% click through rate on the same button on Design B. We also had a 5.6% click through rate on the PDF link in Design B. At the end of the date, we received 3 5-star reviews in the app store from our users.